A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E. Manifesto

Non-formal educational methods that were put in practice during the project were group building simulations, debates and discussions. These techniques led to the creation of participants' very important manifest. With this manifest the young people of the 12 countries, by discussing and cooperating, expressed and wrote down the great values in which they believe and the changes that they wish to bring to the rest of the world! Statements that they want to fight for by informing the people and by adopting them in their everyday life. New tools that youth tries to acquire in their life to get out NEET and exclusion.

1.      I refuse to live in fear
Fear exists as a feeling only in our minds. Sometimes it protects us but usually it is creating obstacles too.
What do we define as fear? Fear of the unknown, fear of people or situations, fear of change.
In our team Sergio faced the fear of the unknown by sitting with a stranger, taking a picture of him and getting to know him. Tatiana faced the fear of change and failure by overcoming the state of being a NEET, coming to an Erasmus+ workshop and meeting so many new things and people.
Our advice is to  recognize your fear, face it and try to overcome it. Don’t be afraid to take steps forward. Try the things that scare you and even if you make mistakes, learn from them. Don’t stay in theory, move to praxis. Apply this in your everyday life.

2.      I want to be treated equally
Nowadays, depression and isolation have been increasing rapidly, therefore the situations should be taken more in consideration. As a result for it, connections and wealth shouldn’t be used for own benefit, neither to harm the others, which will contribute for the development of equal society, no matter which race, religion, gender, nationality or sexual orientation of each individual.
In this project, through dance and theater the movements make us feel equal, not having in mind where we came from.

3.      Let’s share
We want to share because youth is the future and sharing is the way to make it better. A good start is sharing beyond material, like our feelings and thoughts. There are plenty of ways to do so, some of which are volunteering, art, abandoning screens sometimes, being courageous and open to receiving as well. In this way we can understand each other better and grow both as individuals and as a community.

4.      Do good to yourself and to the others
First of all, to be young, open-minded human being you have to accept the way you are. Young people should learn as much as possible by following their dreams and using opportunities.
As long as you love yourself, it is much easier to make the others feel good: for instance do something unexpected, tell compliments, pass the good vibes and smile!
Young people can change easier: they can fly and as a butterfly is capable of creating tornados on the other side of the globe, you can bring great changes to other’s life. J

5.      Let’s trust
By trusting others (and yourself) you go on to discover the world, people, new flavours, etc. So that, you go out of your comfort zone.
By trusting yourself you can grow as a human being. By trusting others you allow them to show you the unknown part of the world.
If you trust you have inner peace, you start seeing the true beauty of life, become truly happy. And also, trust is the very basic step of every relationship. And when you trust, you feel free. In order to be free, to survive, you need to trust, starting to trust yourself. In order to trust yourself, tell to yourself and believe that everything is OK. You can do everything right. So that, you can trust others. To do this, you need to open your mind for the new things and points in your life.

6.      I refuse to remain indifferent
We refuse to remain indifferent because we care about the world and we want to make a change. How? We raise awareness of this problem and help people leave indifference, through social media, projects, articles and so on.
We want to make people happy and welcome to the world.

7.      Be tolerant
Imagine how depressingly boring it would be to live in a world in which we only have roses for flowers and none of other kinds.
We need to be tolerant as it is colourful to be different.
We can be tolerant if we try to know the others better and make the best of their characteristics since every single thing is useful and helpful.
So, let’s turn negative things into positive ones…

8.      Don’t judge
We judge people by first appearance, without knowledge of the background. Different physical appearance, manners and attitude makes us more curious and we start to judge. Judgment sometimes is useful, sometimes it protects you but in general you have to be open-minded. It is connected to trusting people and tolerance.
Self-judging is a process between youngsters that develops your character. We used to judge others before we judge ourselves.
If we are happy, full of love and open-minded, then judgment will disappear.

9.      Empathy
Empathy is the basics of communication between people. People should show more openness and curiosity towards different cultures.
Learn how to give good feedback to the others.   
Treat people the same way as you would like to be treated.
Empathy should start in the family, parents should teach their children to stay connected with themselves and be true to their feelings, teach them about empathy, educate them in this sense.

10.  Let’s ask more

Start asking more to get out of your comfort zone and listen to take action. Ask more than questions and listen with your open mind.

If we try to do some of these things in our daily lives, we can bring great changes and live in a world of peace and solidarity. Young people have the power to inform the others about achieving all the important things for a beautiful life! Spread love, not hate! (Antigone to Creon: “ I am for sharing love, not hatred.” (Act One - Verse 523).

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